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Main Image “If you call yourself a conservative and you care about making city government actually function again, then the choice in this critically important race for mayor really could not be any clearer,” Fletcher said. “Let me add that I know a vote for Bill King is a vote to make sure we fix Houston's pension crisis in a responsible way that honors the city’s promises to cops and retired cops.” The other proposals basically amount to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, and Houston taxpayers cannot afford that."
Written by Bill King for Houston, at 17:15

Annual Audit Confirms City's Street Repair Program is Failing

According to the City's Comprehensive Financial Annual Report, the miles of streets that are resurfaced each year has dropped from 374 miles in 2005 to just 104 miles last year. The tons of asphalt the city has used has also dropped from 18,300 to 15,300 in the same period. While there has been some fluctuation in the amount of asphalt, the amount of street resurfacing the City of Houston has been doing each year has gone straight down.
Written by Bill King for Houston, at 15:37

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