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Fix the Streets

The City's budget problems have left it without enough money to maintain our streets and sidewalks. But potholes and the traffic are just the problems that we see on the surface. Much of our water and wastewater systems are near the end of their useful life, which is one of the reasons you see so many water line breaks around the City.

Many Houstonians thought that ReBuild Houston and its rain tax was going to solve these problems. We were repeatedly told that, for the first time in Houston's history, there would be a dedicated income stream - a “lock box” - that can only be spent for street and drainage improvements. Instead, much of that money has been diverted to operating expenses. 

Also, ReBuild Houston’s “pay-as-you-go” provisions, which were sold as a “conservative” approach, are instead costing the City millions more due to projects being delayed for years while construction costs are soaring and Houstonians keep the tire shops in town busy.

The concept of having a dedicated revenue stream for infrastructure was a good one, but as implemented this system simply has not worked and has wasted millions of dollars.  It is time to re-work Rebuild Houston.

Learn more about Bill's plan to fix Houston's street, sidewalks, and drainage.

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