Back to Basics

"I am running for Mayor to get the City of Houston back to basics. I want to put my business experience to work fixing the streets, catching the crooks, and balancing our budget."

- Bill King, March 2, 2015

Balance the Budget

Many issues need to be addressed to right the City’s fiscal ship, but pension reform is key. To be clear, Bill King does NOT support taking away pension benefits that have already been promised to, and earned by, city employees and their families. In Texas, a deal is a deal. At the same time, Bill King believes there is no pathway to financial stability for the City of Houston that does not lead through meaningful pension reform for new employees.

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Catch the Crooks

The Houston Police Department’s budget has nearly doubled in the last ten years, now totaling over $900 million. Just five years ago, we voted to allow the City to exceed the revenue cap by an additional $90 million for public safety. Yet today, we have about 300 fewer officers than we did ten years ago, while HPD has grown incredibly top heavy.

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Fix the Streets

The City's budget problems have left it without enough money to maintain our streets and sidewalks. But potholes and poorly maintained streets are just the problems that we see on the surface. Much of our water and wastewater systems are near the end of their useful life, which is one of the reasons you see so many water line breaks around the City.

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Grow the Economy

Bill King grew up in the Clear Lake area in the 1960s when NASA was working on putting a man on the moon. Many of the kids he went to school with had dads who were astronauts or otherwise involved in that great effort. It was impossible not to grow up in that era and come away with a sense that anything is possible.

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